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Old Fayette County Jail

Built in 1883, the Old Fayette County Jail was constructed of native stones hauled by ox wagon from the nearby community of Muldoon to the site.  Reminiscent of a European cathedral, the Victorian Gothic structure originally contained two stories with eight cells on each floor. It contained living quarters for the jailer (who was expected to be on-site all the time), and his family at the front and side of the jail.  It also contained offices for the sheriff and deputies. Calabashes or hoosegows, more commonly called drunk tanks, were located on the grounds outside the jail building.

In 1884, an iron fence was built around the jail and property and the sheriff was allowed a prison guard.  Sewer pipe was also laid that year.  The Old Fayette County Jail housed famous prisoners including Raymond Hamilton and Gene O’Dare, members of the Bonnie and Clyde’s gang who had robbed Carmine Bank, and the Widow Dach, who starved herself to death while imprisoned there.

The jail was also home to the most famous sheriff of Fayette County, Jim Flournoy, who was sheriff at the time the Chicken Ranch closed. The building is also reportedly haunted.  When a modern justice center opened closed in 1985, the old jail closed, sitting empty until 1995 when interior renovation was completed and it became the home of the La Grange Area Chamber of Commerce. 

The building features displays collected from throughout the county and memorabilia of Fayette County law enforcement officers that includes badges, holsters, fire arms, belt buckles, uniforms, locks and eating utensils used in the jail. 

A memorial walkway carved with the names Fayette County families, individuals, businesses and organizations leads from the street to the old jail.  Located at 171 S. Main Street, the Fayette County Old Jail is open to the public Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is no admission fee and there are wheel-chair accessible restrooms open to the public.

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